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Discount Club

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Referendum on Neighbourhood Plan

Referendum on Neighbourhood Plan

On 2nd May voters in Brixham have the chance to vote on whether they want Torbay Council to consider the Brixham Penisula Neighbourhood Plan along with the Local Plan when they make decisions about developments in Brixham and the surrounding areas:

Neighbourhood Planning provides our community with the opportunity to manage development for the benefit of the community as a whole. Through our extensive consultation, we have seen the community of the Brixham Peninsula neighbourhood area – across the Town of Brixham and the villages of Churston Galmpton and Broadsands – express a desire for sensitive sustainable development which maintains our way of life and the characteristics of the neighbourhood that make it unique and special.

Our Neighbourhood Plan will be a guide for all developments that will regenerate and enhance, especially those areas that we wish to improve, whilst avoiding harm to what we value. We need to create jobs and affordable housing to ensure a more balanced community, reduce commuting, sustain our infrastructure and improve our health and wellbeing. We also have a clear duty to enhance our environment, protect our wildlife, preserve our open spaces and celebrate our heritage. We also need to ensure that developments are economically sustainable and that they will help our key industries prosper, especially fishing, tourism, agriculture and light industry.

Rather than the trend towards more second homes, our aim is to retain more of our young people so they stay living here rather than moving away for work. Young people need good jobs and decent homes, so employment and housing have been key priorities in the plan. Reducing the average age of the population and increasing levels of income will make the community more sustainable and vibrant and this plan recognises this

The Plan’s approval at referendum means that all applications for new building will have to acknowledge the policies created by the community.

Those community policies determine:

  • Where new building can and can’t go
  • How those new buildings should look
  • What important Green Spaces are protected
  • Boundaries to settlement sprawl – protection of countryside

The policies also have an important and direct bearing on:

  • Environmental, transport and health issues in your neighbourhood
  • The regeneration of Brixham Town Centre
  • The survival and sustainable growth of Tourism, Fisheries, Agriculture and Local Business
  • The supply of affordable housing for local residents

These are just the highlights of a comprehensive and sophisticated plan based entirely on in-depth consultation with your community.

To see the Brixham plan, please click here.

To see all plans for the whole of Torbay, please click here.


TDA Business

TDA Business

As an award winning provider of business and property services, TDA makes a real difference to the lives of people living and working in the South West, delivering innovative and practical programmes in areas including job and business creation.

Year on year we are successfully delivering high quality economic development, property and business services to a growing customer base across the South West.

QuayView Advisory

QuayView Advisory

QuayView is a modern and experienced firm of Chartered Accountants based in Brixham, South Devon. Providing bespoke corporate and personal tax advice, business consultancy and accounting support services to owner managed businesses and their stakeholders. Whether you are a one-man business or a large organisation QuayView can help.

VAT returns, to tax returns to EMI returns.
Cloud accounting, to statutory accounts, to business consultancy.
Start-up, to growth, to exit.

QuayView can provide financial advice at every stage of your business and personal life cycle.

ITB Studio

ITB Studio

All interiors should be inspirational, inviting and memorable

Our award winning team combines over 40 years design experience at senior management level.

The ITB Studio is a creative hub providing comprehensive interior design services for residential and development projects in London, the South East and the South West of England.

We work closely with architects, developers and private clients from the planning stage, to optimise light and space, harmonise structure with design concept and translate original visions into beautifully completed luxury interiors.