Coach stop moves

The current National Express Bus Stop in Bank Lane is a shared loading bay/bus stop which is utilised by delivery Lorries (before 10.00am and after 16.00pm), Country Bus Services 15 and 16 and National Express Services.

Bank Lane is an extremely busy area and there are times when the National Express Coach cannot serve the allocated stop due to late delivery Lorries or general misuse of the bay. Enforcement is carried out within this area but unfortunately the wardens cannot always be on site when infringements occur.

In view of the above, the Council is looking to relocate the existing National Express stop from Bank Lane to Bolton Cross outside the Market Building. There is enough pavement width at this location to possibly introduce a bus shelter in the future and using this lay-by reduces the risk to pedestrians compared to its current location (due to the front overhang of the coach when parking next to the kerb).

Ideally, the Council would be looking to relocate this bus stop from September 2013 when National Express plan to make changes to their Service 337.

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