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Brixham Art Society

Brixham Art Society has a long tradition of encouraging local art lovers to immerse themselves in the engrossing activity of painting, and to share ideas expressed in a variety of media. We all gain confidence from watching others at work, and trying out new subject matter. We discuss, suggest and encourage among ourselves how to improve our skills. Members also have the opportunity to see their works displayed at the Society’s Annual Summer Exhibition, held in August at the Scala Hall in Brixham, where members of the public can wander freely around the many paintings, drawings and prints on display. There is keen competition between our members for the cups and certificates variously awarded.

Monthly demonstrations given by professional artists take place in the evening at Eden Park School, where more than 40 of our members regularly attend. Using a camcorder and projector enables everyone to see an enlarged close-up of what’s going on, and a lively question and answer session usually ensues. Other activities include workshops, critiques, gallery trips and less formal events.

We welcome new members, who will soon find themselves among friends with similar interests. Fees, as of Nov 2017 are £20 full member, and £16 associate.

Those interested are invited to view our website,, or contact the secretary Heather Stafford:, or the chair, Julia Lee, on